Saturday, January 11, 2014


My Autobiography

Hi! My name is Dylan Mok and I am from Class 1E1. My hobby is watching a variety Show that is popular in Korea which is called Running Man . I like it because it is funny and interesting and nice to watch when I want to relax.

My favourite colour is blue and I like it as it is a bright colour. My Favourite food is Barbequed Chicken Wing as it has it is nice it is delicous and has a very nice aroma of barbeque that I like. Something interesting about myself is that I am obsessed with pens, I do not know why but I just like to try various different types, colour and smoothness of pens.

My best friend in primary school is Clarence which is now studying in Northbrooks Secondary School in Yishun. I met him when I was studying in Primary 3. He is my best friend because he is friendly, cheerful and always looks on the bright side of things. He always tries to lend a helping hand if his friends are in need which are good values I think a friend should have .

My primary school life was always fun and enjoyable as I could meet and chat my friends everyday and teachers would always make the lesson so enjoyable and interesting.

My expectation of Secondary would be that hopefully I can do well in my studies  and make new friends and hopefully achieve better grades that in Primary School .


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