Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chong Boon Secondary School
English Language
Secondary 2 Express

Name : Dylan Mok Xuan Wei ( 25 )            Class : 2E1 / Respect 1                Date : 10 January 2015

Personal Recount : An experience at a hawker center / food court 
            The sun was grinning ear to ear as its beams shone throughout to illuminate the world. As I woke up, I heard the birds chirping as if they were talking to the other birds. Then, I went towards my window, opened it and the refreshing morning air caressed my cheeks. I stiffed a yawn as I went downstairs to wash up. After that, my family headed out to have a hearty breakfast at the hawker center nearby.
            As we stepped into the hawker center, chatters of families could be heard throughout the entire hawker center. While searching for a table to sit and have our meal, we noticed how unsightly the place was with all the empty bowls and plates uncleared and left on the tables together with tissue papers stuffed in them. Whatever the case,  our stomached were famished, so we decided to settle down on a table and clearing the clutter afterwards. We scanned the place to have a brief idea of the types of food they sell. We noticed even though they have cleaners to help clean the place, they do not attend to the tables which are dirty but unoccupied. We cleared the bowls and plates left on the table and went hunting for the food we wanted to order.
            We queued at the respective stalls, we noticed that the queue was in a mess and the stall was jam-packed with people as there were 3 lines. We needed to ask people what they were queueing for in order to know which line to be in, it was very confusing. Finally, we got into the correct queue and ordered our food. We finally settled down and gobbled our food down. As we finished our food, we saw this old lady who has hunched back, going around the finished tables and gobbling up people’s leftovers that have spilled on the table.

            At that moment, I felt very disgusted as the food could be contaminated but on second thought I pitied that lady. I saw how people just wasted food like that when it was a privilege to have food to eat and just how precious food is to the old lady who does not even have food to eat. From the incident, I learnt that it is a privilege to have food to eat and we should treasure it. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Chong Boon Secondary School

English Language Department

Book Review 2014

Name : Dylan Mok Xuan Wei ( 22 )                     Class : 1E1                  Date : 13th June 2014

The title of the book that I am going to do a review on is Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare.

The plot of the story is about two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, having rivals with each other but this boy from the Montagues, named Romeo is in love with this girl, Rosaline but does does not get loved back as she vowed not to love anyone then, one day he saw a man and the man asked him to read out the name of the people that would attend a Party on the piece of paper and came across his love Rosaline . So he decided he would go to get close to his love and then met Juliete which he then fall in love with.  He would then sneek out at night just to see her, he would clm the window just to have a chat with her and then not long after they decided to get married secretly. Then because of a fight that happened along the street, the prince that declard that a Montague and Capulets who decides to cause trouble would have serve consequences to deal with. And the person who fought was Romeo and Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. So Tybalt got exiled and Romeo got banished from the Kingdom. Then Juliet forced to marry Paris Chris but her secret marriage was unknown so she asked the Friar Lurance to help her so he gave Juliet a sleeping potion that would make her death-like for 42 hours. So with his help, she managed to skip the ceremony with ease. In the end Romeo and Juliet both died as Romeo thought that Juliet was really dead so he requested a poison and on the spot poisoned himself and for Juliet seeing her husband dead thought that she had no reason to live anymore and took Romeo’s spear and killed herself.

I liked the book as it was interesting. My favourite part of the book was when Juliet actually wanted to get her husband back as it was very touching and interesting.

If I could change a part of the story that would be the ending as instead of both of them dieing maybe I could change it so as to Juliet waking up before Romeo took the poison and they lived happily ever after.

I would recommend this book to a friend who likes romance and tragedy.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

International Friendship Day

I think that cultivating good relationship with other countries is good as it has an impact of wether they would help you, as in your country in a disaster such as an earthquake.

( Sorry Miss Foo, I really do not know what to write for this topic. )

Monday, March 17, 2014

English Reflection:

English lessons have been a very fun and engaging lesson for the past term as we participated a lot and the lessons were very fun. The English lesson which I like the most was the one where we had to do impromptu speeches with the people beside us. I did mine with Sarup, Timothy and Shafiq. I hope English lessons would be more fun and engaging in the future. I would like to thank Ms Foo for teaching us on the importance of speaking good and proper English as I find that we Singaporeans like to speak Singlish but we also need to learn to speak proper English as when we go overseas for a Business Trip or Exchange in the future, it would be easier for people to understand what  we are speaking instead for Singlish .

I think that for now, my English is still not very good as I may have not revised enough of practiced enough. I think that I should focus on my weak areas now that we have gotten our Common Test results back . Although, I have gotten the second highest for our first English Common Test, 18, but I think I could have done better if I had checked my work more thoroughly. I think now I can improve my English by taking down more notes and practice on my weak areas .

I think that the teachers can help me by maybe telling me more specific in my errors like as in what are the errors that I have made and how to correct them.