Monday, March 17, 2014

English Reflection:

English lessons have been a very fun and engaging lesson for the past term as we participated a lot and the lessons were very fun. The English lesson which I like the most was the one where we had to do impromptu speeches with the people beside us. I did mine with Sarup, Timothy and Shafiq. I hope English lessons would be more fun and engaging in the future. I would like to thank Ms Foo for teaching us on the importance of speaking good and proper English as I find that we Singaporeans like to speak Singlish but we also need to learn to speak proper English as when we go overseas for a Business Trip or Exchange in the future, it would be easier for people to understand what  we are speaking instead for Singlish .

I think that for now, my English is still not very good as I may have not revised enough of practiced enough. I think that I should focus on my weak areas now that we have gotten our Common Test results back . Although, I have gotten the second highest for our first English Common Test, 18, but I think I could have done better if I had checked my work more thoroughly. I think now I can improve my English by taking down more notes and practice on my weak areas .

I think that the teachers can help me by maybe telling me more specific in my errors like as in what are the errors that I have made and how to correct them.

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